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Wow! Is it 2022 already? You guys rocked 2021 with your loyalty to our brand! Because you all went crazy with the purchases for the holiday season, we've got a New Year treat for you. We know exactly what you guys need to stay pumped this New Year! How about 10% off of your purchase? Sounds amazing right! Shop today to get 10% off!

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  • Phelesia - Chebe Olive Oil Sealing Hair Butter

    Absolutely amazing!!! The best
    I purchase all the products accept for the flaxseed gel. (but will next time) I compared these products to two major black owned companies. Camille rose and Melanin haircare line (No shade to them, like them as well) However, this is a very honest review. I NEVER had a wash-n- go that last for four days!! It would of last longer, but I have a set wash day. I compared all three companies and everything ebony was by far no competition. The other haircare lines always dried my hair out the very next day or within two days, but everything ebony was truly EVERYTHING!! I had to stop using Camille rose when I notice my wash-n-go would only last for two days as well as their jelly curl maker was beginning to leave residue in my hair the same day of the using the product. As far melanin haircare line. It was good in the beginning of the day, but after end of the day. My hair felt like a dry bush. I been natural for 9 years and I couldn't find products that would keep my hair moisturized for more then two days. My hair is so soft and feels so smooth using everything ebony products. The only downside is the size of the products for the cost. I am use to bigger portions, but it was and is worth every dime!! The oil smells so good! I encourage all to purchase, promote and buy double if you can because these products are my new holy grail.

  • Casey Person - EE Prestige Styling Bundle

    The BEST products I've ever used
    Hi Everything Ebony, I love you guys. My hair has always been curly and thin, but also course at the same time, crazy I know. Dryness was an issue. Since I received the products and began using them my hair is more manageable and easier to style. I am a forever customer, thank you!!

  • Cree Gunn - Everything Mini Kit

    Satisfied customer!
    I love these products! I have 4c hair type, so I’ve always struggled w/ finding the right products! The moisture and instant hydration, this collection has provided for my hair is incredible! I’ll always support this brand! You guys have gained a loyal shopper!

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